Is This It is #49 in the April 11, 2002 Rolling Stone's list of the 50 coolest albums of all time. Not bad for a debut album. The Strokes certainly deserve this honor, and I can't get enough of this album, in its entire 35 minute glory.
Is this It is one of the two most recent albums on the list (The other being Bjork's Vespertine), and this New York band is certainly the newest and youngest group featured in the top 50.
I agree with Rolling Stone that Hard to Explain is the best track on the album, though all the somgs are awesome. I also agree with Sir_Norris that this is one of the best albums released for quite some time. This album is truly a diamond in the rough, the rough being all the crappy pop music, plastic rock, and nu metal that is polluting the airwaves these days.