Crab Soccer is one of the few phys ed games I didn't mind. I knew this was not exclusive to my school system when I saw it being played on an episode of Freaks and Geeks.

Kids in the gym period are separated into 4 equal teams. Each team forms one side of a square.

When all the students are sitting down, the gym teacher assigns everyone a number (say there are forty students in all. The kids on each team would then be given a number from one to ten.) A giant ball is placed inside the square that the sitting students make up. The gym teacher calls out usually two or three numbers at random, and the students who were assigned these numbers crab walk out to the center and try to kick the giant ball over the heads of the kids on one of the other three teams. The students whose numbers were not called remain seated on their sides, trying to prevent the ball from being kicked over their heads.

Every time the ball sails over the heads of one group, that team earns a point. The team with the least number of points at the end of the period wins.

This was the first physical education game I played when I was in kindergarten. As a senior, we still play this in gym (which is no problem, as it's far less stressful than other games).