The latest blonde female teen pop tart on the airwaves, this girl's gimmick is her "rebel" image, which leads many of the clueless masses to believe that she is "punk", a bastardization of the once relevant culture that makes me cringe.

This self proclaimed skater punk is originally from Napanee, Ontario, and, as the middle child, has always been a rebel and a tomboy, never passing up the opportunity for expressing her individuality and disregard for what other people might think (oh, please).

She was signed to Arista at age 16, and later hooked up with Nettwerk Management after having written songs for her debut CD "Let go", an album which contains such in your face anthems as "Complicated" and "Anything but Ordinary." Quite frankly, I can't tell her music apart from anything else on Top 40 radio or MTV these days.

One of my best friends, who has encyclopedic knowledge of rock music and an extensive collection of wonderful music, bought her DVD because he thinks Avril is a hot piece of ass.

Punk is Dead.