Following enwhysea's (very correct) statement above that terrorism fucking sucks...

At least 30* people (mostly Israelis) were killed and at least 129 were injured in a series of attacks aimed directly at Israeli tourists in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Al Qaeda has been blamed, and indeed an organization called "the World Islamist Group" - believed to have ties to Jama'a Islamiya, Al Qaeda's Asian branch - has claimed responsiblity for the attacks.

21:45: A truckful of explosives went off at the Hilton hotel in Taba, on the Egyptian side of the Israel-Egypt border. The western part of the hotel collapsed; At the time of this writing, people are still trapped under ten floors of debris there, but the chances of finding survivors are decreasing.

23:30: Two simultaneous blasts - apparently from two suicide bombers - were heard in the Ras al-Satan area, about 45 kilometers south of Taba. At least two Israelis died, and eight more were injured.

Dozens of Israelis, confirmed to have been in Taba at the time of the attack, are still missing.

*While this figure is still not final, the most recent reports say 28 bodies were retrieved from the wreckage at Taba, and two people were killed at Ras al-Satan, so that's the truth for now.

Details will continue to magically pop up as they become available.

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