Note: I am noding this one day too late. Time references are relative to July 11.

Around 7:00 AM this morning a bomb exploded in a bus station in Tel Aviv, Israel while a bus was standing near it. The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.

Conveniently avoiding tackling the conflict on a large scale again, I'll focus on the one thing that matters: A 19-year-old female soldier, Ma'ayan Na'im, was killed. She was not a fighter. The news said she worked at a permanent army base near Tel Aviv. She had only been in the army for 10 months.

I didn't know her personally. I heard her name for the first time after she was murdered. Can anyone tell me why she had to die? Can anyone tell me why, after there had been no successful attacks for four months, and after there had been no successful attacks in Tel Aviv for fifteen months, Ma'ayan had to die?

Blood is being shed for nothing. A piece of land. Blame human nature.

Node your life in the insanity of the Middle East