Oh no oh no oh no. We've been through this.

Another terrorist attack in sunny Israel, another brainwashed religious whackjob doing his god's work by murdering innocent civilians - and wouldn't you know it: It's another Jewish terrorist from the occupied West Bank.

These f***ers are hacking our moral higher ground to bits. If we don't fight them as fiercely as we fight Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, we might as well give it up now.

The terrorist du jour, 40-year-old Asher Weissgan from the settlement of Shvut Rachel, worked as a driver - regularly driving Palestinians to work in the bigger settlement of Shiloh. Today he got out of the car at the entrance gate, took the security guard's gun at knifepoint, and shot the two workers in his car. These were people he had been driving to work every day for a good while. People who knew him by name. People who dared to work in a Jewish settlement despite being pressured not to by most of their society.

This is all wrong. We're not supposed to be the terrorists; Isn't that what the Palestinians are here for? We're supposed to be the Good Guys who have to put up with Evil Suicide Bombers, right? RIGHT?

The terrorist then went into the settlement and shot around some more, killing another Palestinian worker and seriously injuring others. He was eventually captured and is now being questioned by the police (though I honestly think he deserved to be lynched like the last one). Another worker has since died of his injury, making the total death toll four.

We're finally doing something right (getting the heck out of Gaza). Naturally, some people have a problem with that. Some of them will stop at nothing to force their insanity on the entire Middle East (religious whackjobs are funny that way). But if Asher Weissgan isn't hanged right now (a wonderful opportunity to reinstate the death penalty in this country), this will happen again. The Palestinian reaction, which is being courageously suppressed at the moment, will be devastating - and justified.