Diesel Locomotives built by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO)

The American Locomotive Company (ALCO) produced a wide range of diesel locomotives until it ceased manufacture in 1969. This list is broken out of the main writeup to prevent it growing unwieldy.

Early Switchers (HH series)

Later Switchers (S series)

  • S1 (and S3, identical but for trucks)
  • S2 (and S4, identical but for trucks)

Early Roadswitchers (RS, RSC, RSD series)

RS series (B-B)

RSC series (A1A-A1A)

RSD series (C-C)

Cab Units

  • DL-109 - early A1A-A1A primarily passenger locomotives
  • FA - (FA-1/2/3) B-B cab (primarily) freight units
  • PA - (PA-1/2/3) A1A-A1A passenger locomotives

Century Series

ALCO announced its "Century Series" of diesel locomotives in 1963 as a leap forward in power and reliability, an attempt to compete more aggressively with GM-EMD in the marketplace.

4-Axle Units

6-Axle Units

8-Axle Units

  • Century 855 - Twin-engined 5500 hp locomotive for Union Pacific, 3 built.