Slogan that Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman attempted to paint on the side of one of the America's Cup yachts.

Or... a more interesting story can be told. One night at a friend's house... there was some drinking and debauchery going on, and inspired by the alcohol on the brain, and my love of the works of HST, we decided to spray paint "Fuck the Pope" on the side of one of our catholic high school's buses. We set out to another friend's house (someone who wasn't drinking drove... what do you think I am? Irresponsible?) and obtained some white spray paint. Driving over to our former high school, one of my friends jumped out of the car, stripped his shirt off and proceeded to run shirtless to the school bus. I ran down the street... attempting to get him to at least disguise himself in some way. By the time I reached the bus, he had already completed "Fuck the" and it was pretty much a moot point. When all was done, we ran back to the car and returned to the original house where the drinking had taken place. It actually turned out to be something like "Fuck the PPope" due to excessive drunkenness, but I think the message was delivered, albeit they thought the vandal had a stuttering problem I guess.