Why must everything in this world be either gay or straight? What's the fucking difference? It's projected desire, not a personality trait. Queer literature, heterosexual panic, gay cinema, 'gay/straight audiences'. They don't call most fiction 'straight literature', do they?

Men attracted to women, for example, are not attracted to every single woman they come across. It is similarly retarded to think that people attracted to both genders are attracted to every single person in the world. Why, then, is gender even an issue? It's chemistry, fucking electricity, not genitals.

I'm sick of this world having to say 'I'm gay' before saying 'I love you'. Almost as if it's an excuse, and the love is an afterthought. There should be no excuse for love, no labeled explanation for desire. Nothing is as basic, primal, and universal as desire.

Gay? Straight? Bi?