I saw a book on a shelf in a store today that made me very angry for two reasons.

First of all, it was a book on Wicca, and it was shelved under 'humor/pop culture/gift books'. Please explain to me why paganism is humorous, poppy, or a regular subject of gifts. I was stiffly reminded that this society still sees Wicca as a fad, as something 'fun' to do when you're bored, rather than as an actual religion.

Secondly, it was called A Wiccan Bible. Um. Excuse me. Bible? The entire point of Wicca is that there is no sacrament, that each person may practice as he or she sees fit. The basic principles are the same, but there is no holy writ. That an author would be so pompous as to declare that their version of Wicca is the definitive one makes me seethe with fury.

I don't understand why such a book was published or put on display in the pop culture section. You would hope that individual people fully comprehend the religion they choose to practice. That is apparently not the case.