She always said it again...
Just when she'd said it, that's when she'd say it
(How's that again?)
-- Moxy Fruvous, Fell in Love

Her conversation is an endless loop, punctuated by smileys and random letters... He never ceases to inform me about his sex life, using the same damn phrases and the same tone of voice... They're just the noise in my signal, nothing to be gained. Can't stop it, can't run away. Just drifting in pointless anectdotes and tired old jokes.

This isn't pointed at anyone on E2, no no, these are real life examples that remind me that life is too damn short to waste it on another =) or *wink wink, know what I mean?* or to live in less-than-tolerable situations or piss your last in some worthless job, doing what you hate. I'm sick of hearing about her new boyfriend, who is just as bad as the last, and how she's confused about how she's cheating on him and that he doesn't understand. It makes me too damn old when he asks how I managed to get over her when I never did in the first place. I'm sick of the same innuendo, the same sarcasm, the same pasta for lunch.

But I'm sure a lot of you are also, and have moved on, or it doesn't bother you as much, or may remind you of things long past, or of a better time, or something completely different. Or maybe you look towards the better signals, where she tells you what's been bugging her, or that obscure college kid tells you you're his hero, or the puppy yips at you to thank you for the puppy chow. So do I.

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