21 years, and here we are.

I was a quiet baby. When I learned how to stand up, I would drag my toys out into the middle of the room, take one and stand up. I'd play with that toy for a little bit, then squat down, drop it, pick up another, stand up and play with that.

I had pneumonia at 6 months. I had a seizure around 6 years. I fell off of a lighthouse when i was 8. I moved to a new house when I was 10. I can tell you which of those was most traumatic.

Friends, this is not just a birthday today. I had my last final at 10am, so I am done with my Sophomore year of college. In a week I return to Chicago, to work until Christmas. I've gone through so many changes, I'm sure you have too. I don't remember having a birthday last year. I think it got lost in the weeks after the World Trade Center attacks. But I've met many many noders since then, thanks to panamaus and zot. I've learned so many things about mathematics, physics, electronics, people, life, and me. I've failed my first class ever, Differential Equations (that was the test at 10am... I needed 99% on it to pass). I've switched to Linux. I've questioned my sexual orientation, my religion(s), my values, and my sanity. I don't remember who I was yesterday.

But, I wanted to stop and thank Everyone at Everything, my community and my family. I won't name names, but there are about 50 or 60 in my thoughts as I write this. Especially the one that called me a year ago for my birthday. And the other one, yes, you. And the one with cold hands.

Goodnight, and hope to see you soon-ish.

Also, happy birthdays to Chris-O and Eraser. And anyone else I hadn't known about.