Happy Birthday to me!

someone's gotta love me. might as well be me.

My mommy and daddy called me last night, around 3am (when I was born), within 10 minutes of each other. I didn't answer the phone, since I had a test at 7:30am and didn't want to get up. It was nice, though, to hear the messages. My sisters called at 8:00, and perhaps I will receive other calls over the course of the day.

For my birthday present last night, one of my oldest friends said goodbye, i'm going to kill myself. Nice, that. I told as many people as I could, but in my current locale all I can do is sit and hope. The worst part is I can't really blame him.. poor guy. I.. I hope he's still alive..

Wednesday, I attended my aunt's funeral.

I am in the middle of Finals this week. Finals suck ass.

*sigh*.. I'm with cahla.. it sucks.

to end on a slightly happier note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERASER_!!!!!!!!!!

  1. My friend is alive and seemingly well. Thank the gods.
  2. Klaproth gave me a present too... he ate my best node... thanks. The good news is that it will be part of a FAQ. Who says factual noding gets you nowhere? :)