When I'm talking with people, I do tend to ask for clarifications, for definitions, quite a bit. But there comes a time when you can't ask for every detail, or you lose track of the original argument.

Human language is vague. It's meant to be that way. I enjoy asking people what their definition of "love" is, or what the term "always" means to them. Just because people agree on the major points doesn't mean that they agree to your entire definition. It's like the Uncertainty Principle and Tao rolled into one. That which can be named is not what you mean. If you try to name it, it changes on you. When you make the ends meet, they move the ends.

My roommate loves to argue with people, to show them they are wrong and then laugh at them. If you start talking, you are wrong. He also tends to stereotype people and refuse to change his views. Once he puts you in your box, you're stuck. I gave up discussing anything with him, because he gets lost in the pedantics of things. So if you enjoy arguing, perhaps you might be humble enough to conceed a point or two, even if you think they're still wrong.