Guess what? I'm still friends with all of the girls I have dated. Maybe that's a weird concept, maybe I'm just not good datable material and much better as friend material, but that's the facts. With most there was a period of time when communication wasn't upheld, or that sentiments were less than favorable (say, six months of not speaking to each other), but all pulled throught that.

Though, I've chronicled one experience of this not being a painless process, I just don't see where the big problem is. Seems most people have this "all or nothing at all" attitude, but I feel that if I so much effort into being in a relationship, I'm not going to waste it on being angry. On the same note, I'm not going to start hating someone just because the situation changes.

Now, if they've done something before making this clear, I have problems with that. I've had to deal with being cheated on, with the "I was just so confused" aspect. And yes, hearing about how great some new boyfriend has taken its toll on me several times. But good friends are hard to find, and I refuse to let something as petty as them "never seeing them naked, ever again" get in the way of keeping them.