(This wasn't actually a dream. It was more a hallucination, which I have once in a while. Completely natural and without aid of external chemicals, though I suspect one of my roommates smoked some marijuana in my room last night...)

Similar to pig's dream, I found myself on E2. My chatterbox was full of /msgs, mostly from jessicapierce, but some from yerricde and clearpebbles too. Now, I haven't actually talked to jessicapierce, so I thought that was a bit odd. She said things to the effect that while my contributions to Everything were very good and fun to read, they didn't follow along with the fundimental theme of Everything. Yerricde was talking about some kind of technicological issues, like wearable computers or robots. The one /msg from clearpebbles was just a "hi there, how are you" kind of note (I met her just last night, and talked only breifly). I continued to go around E2, which began to look more and more like the Wired from Serial Experiments Lain. Suddenly, there was a large, dark presence in front of me, and in the middle of my screen was a /msg from dem_bones asking me (politely) to leave. I did (who would argue with him?).

I tried falling asleep again, but I could only go back to E2, and my Random Node searches only turned up nodes by juliet, Saige, and ideath. What is meant by all of this, I have no idea.