Stealing a few minutes of a friend's cable connection, of course I find my way to Everything. I was struck by several unrelated nodes newly created, all of which have hurt me with their beauty. Mick Foley by RimRod, The way that light attaches to a girl by deep_thought, A Happy Poem by clearpebbles, and a few of the day logs. Mick Foley is one of my heroes, a great man and a dedicated wrestler. deep_thought's writeup is based off of a part of the Counting Crows song A long December, which always manages to make me sniffle around the holidays. Clearpebbles and I have been getting to know each other, and she is actually making me sad that she can't seem to get a break. While I don't really know her, I still think she deserves better.

Well, I am now physically located in Michigan, back from my work term. I start college on the 7th, and am getting excited.

    Things on my "To-do" list:
  • Call the Voices of Everythingians project, so pebbles will stop nagging me
  • Go back to Chicago to get all my stuff (I'm back in Michigan for those who care)
  • Finish my best friend's CD that I've labored over for the last three months and give it to her
  • Go to college
Well, that's all for now, tune in next week....