I watched a modern adaptation of the old (whether it was many centuries or just a few) story. The soundtrack is mostly techno-sounding chainsaw music, and the action was only so-so, but it wasn't irreverant or disrespectful. I didn't check the credits, but I think that Beowulf was played by Christopher Lambert.

The storyline followed nicely, nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the weapons were buzz-saws at the end of spears (kind of like modified pikes), and there were some nice looking longswords and a broadsword for King Hrothgar and at one point, Beowulf has the assistant Weapons Master make him a pair of wrist blades that could be hidden from Grendel. The movie goes throught the battle with Grendel (including the hacking off of a limb) and the eventual battle with Grendel's mother.