at a Dave Matthews Band concert listening to Crash Into Me and the lights are dim and people have their lighters on and the whole arena looks like stars. Beautiful memories that are associated with that song.

the last football game of high school, leaving one of my best friends behind, looking at the lights and the empty stands.

"Freshman" by the Verve Pipe, haunting chords and memories of long ago, of innocence lost and days gone by.

laying on the couch with her, my soul mate (ModernAngel's definition), enjoying the moment and just being. Listening to the clock on her wall one last time before I leave for months.

Christmas morning, and my grandmother is dead. Each Christmas after that. The way the material things of Christmas are less than worthless compared to the company of friends and family.

the mountains of New Mexico in the morning and at sunset.

my little cousin telling me "I don't want you to get grown up. I want you to play with me." when I told her I had to go help the grownups clean up after a party. I have never felt so ancient