The musical name of Martin Lindhe, an electronic music maker born in Sweden. A good bit of his work is ambient sounding, and some gets more towards new-age techno. He strongly themes each track, so that each evokes certain feelings. There are several tracks with Tolkien-inspired music (Lorien, The Valar, Moria) and weather-based music (Rain, Percipitation, Elemental, The Wind). My favorite series is the Nightowl trilogy (Nightowl, Nightowl Searching, and Nightowl Hiding). He claims to have had no formal music training, only going by his own trial and error with making music.

He recently released his anthology, covering 10 years of artistry. The 5-CD set is titled "Audiology", and is quite nicely pacaged by the good folks at (CD-playable, mp3s on the CD, multimedia). The cover inserts have short bits of information for each track, usually what his intent for the track had been and such.

His website is very good, even offers songs of his that have his commentary while it plays, and examples of his art he has leased to others. A full description of his hardware he uses in its creation is also nice, along with pieces that the hardware is featured in. He is also rather free about his music (the copyright line notes that you can make "a reasonable amount of copies for personal use"). Also is fairly open about licensing terms and commercial applications of his music.

Check him out at either or his own site: