It was like having someone gently but firmly hold on to my heart.

At times, some nice massages and at other times intense clutching, or perhaps a simple little tug that threatened to take all my veins along with it, but even the painful intensity was good as it's always good when something's almost too powerfully intimate.

I've seen lots of shows.

I saw this one on November 27th at the Vogue theatre in Vancouver. First come, first served seating, and we were there at four warming our hands with cups of tea in the lineup. Third row, a stone's throw from our generation's muted religious yearnings translated into pure synaesthetic sound and light.

I have never heard a crowd be so silent, so in awe of the experience, to withhold every yell, clap or whisper until the last barely audible note of a song faded out.

The truly good shows are the ones that are not only beautiful, but that re-teach you to use your eyes and ears, so that you leave reborn, again again & all over again.