I would like to add something to this debate which, although not my personal belief, I found good food for thought.

Hermetic noted that "This (the bible saying homosexuality is wrong) is the only argument being put forth by those opposed to gay marriages." I remember this point I read in a philosophy textbook, which gave me a more rational view of the debate. I will attempt to paraphrase the general idea.

  • Some people involved in the debate are concerned about the "slippery slope" idea. Marriage should be about love, but it's original intention was as a sort of "blessing" so that people could go on to have children, and provide them with a stable household. It's foundation is in procreation. When you redefine the concept of marriage to allow homosexuals to marry, all of a sudden there are countless other examples which arise. A father and daughter, for example. Or a threesome. Or sisters. The lines which currently surround the marriage concept blur.
I thought this was sort of an interesting point - perhaps because it swims in a sea of stupid, ignorant notions and very biased, backwards people. The solution to this might be a sort of of different declaration of love which would entitle the non-married couple to enjoy both the public declaration and the legal rights of married couples.

This debate isn't only limited to religion.