I'm so ashamed of what time it is right now, I'm not even going to say

My last day log/My next day log

I spoke to my roommate today. He went ahead of me to Vancouver, where I'm moving in a week. He saw our apartment today for the first time - we rented it over the phone. He hates it. He didn't come right out and say it, but I could tell. He told me

"It's on a gorgeous street of houses, but it sticks out as the ugly one."
"I can't stand up in my room."
"It's really... retro. Bad retro."
"The skylights are covered in bird-poop and so is the balcony."
"I can get us a place that's two hundred dollars cheaper and about four hundred square feet bigger."


He's the one who convinced me we should just rent from a distance and send my aunt to go check out apartments for us. He wanted to sign a year lease, for Chrissake! Luckily we didn't... but we did tell the landlord we'd stay for the two semesters of school. At least I'm expecting it to be a dump, and I know it won't be as bad as I'm invisioning. My roommate idealized the place more than I did.

Drove to a friends house tonight. Just a few people there. I drove a friend home - we drank coffee at her house and had a good ol' fashioned girly talk. She's off to Michigan... well, I guess it would be this morning.

It feels like people are opening up to me more lately. Maybe its because they know I'm leaving?

I have a whole week before I leave, with no work. God, it'll be great. I plan to sunbathe nude and eat grapes. I don't have much else to do - I'm already pretty much packed, due to misjudged neurotic preparedness. I'm taking my little brother to the Science Center this week though - really just an excuse to go there myself. Absolutely my favorite place to go as far as attractions go. Well... I think it's tied with the zoo.