yesterday/My next day log

About 9:30 Toronto time.

Technically my day started at midnight, so I'll start from there, since I was awake. My going-away barbecue was not a barbecue because of the rain, but that didn't really matter because almost everybody came after 10:00 p.m. My best friend came over early and we smoked a joint - a sort of party tradition for us. It also helps me relax because I get really jumpy before my parties.

The turnout was bizarre. An old friend who I didn't know was coming was one of the first to arrive. I had lost touch with him over the past few years and so was very surprised to see him. He's very straight edge and also quite strictly religious, and I knew he didn't approve of my lifestyle particularly, so I hadn't invited him. I guess I underestimated his fondness for my future roommate and I - either that or he just felt like getting out of the house. We had a nice chat and he played the hell out my under-used guitar. He's brilliant and I have a profound amount of respect for him, so I felt very privileged to know that he enjoys my company. Perhaps that sounds a bit self-deprecating - but sometimes it's hard to tell what a person's motivation is for talking to you. Circumstance and association can play big roles in who you talk to, and it's refreshing to know that a relationship isn't based on that. I know his motivations are positive.

I consumed alot of alcohol and marijuana but stayed surprisingly calm and somewhat sober, unlike my very sick roommate. A friend brought a giant plate of fruit and a homemade cake for us, which was devoured. To be honest - the party had a sort of indescribable vibe. I'm not sure if it was the particular mixture of people, or the impending separation which awaits all of us come September. There was alot of talk about the past.

I saw lots of wonderful people for the last time - acquaintances that you know you won't stay in contact with.

I crashed about 3:30 a.m. and woke up at nine, with my cat clawing at my window. I saw a few people off and cleaned for awhile, then went back to bed till eleven. People had stayed over and we went to the Golden Griddle for brunch, having missed the McDonald's breakfast. I've spent the day cleaning up and watching Annie Hall. I've been invited out to a couple of places tonight but have to start the nine to five tomorrow. Only two weeks of that left.