My last dream log/My next dream log

I hope I can remember this...

  • I was downtown, leaving some sort of a convention. Somebody is with me - a guy who looks like Alex, but I know it's not him, although I know he is gay like Alex. He wants to go shopping. I decided to go along with him.
  • We go into a Club Monaco, which looks like a drugstore. The Alex-lookalike starts looking at makeup and I wander away.
  • There is a guy in the store shopping with his mother. He is very tall. He comes up to me and tells me he likes my pants, and starts talking to me. I say thank-you, and then the Non-Alex comes up and says something teasingly about guys coming up and talking to me. I get embarrassed and walk away.
  • As I'm leaving, I see my father standing in the checkout line, smiling a sort of knowing smile.