A nine-man artist collective from Reykjavik, Iceland. It started as a film project in 1995 but gradually expanded to become the future of Icelandic pop music as well (but to be honest, how many pop acts from Iceland do you know of except for Bjork/Sugarcubes?). The name Gus Gus is taken from a movie by Fassbinder and is apparently a misspelling of "couscous".

Gus Gus insists that they're not really a band in the traditional sense, but a group of people with various skills doing both music and film. Members are Stefán Árni (artist), Steph (musician, performer), Magnús Jónsson (songwriter, singer, guitarist), Herr Legowitz (musician, producer), Baldur Stefánsson (manager), Daníel Ágúst (songwriter, singer), Hafdís Huld (singer), Siggi Kjartansson (songwriter, artist) and Biggi Thórarinsson (musician, producer). Hafdís is the only girl in the ensemble, and a good ten years younger than most of the other members.

The music of Gus Gus is a kind of smooth, laid back, pop with tastefully arranged vocals. It is clearly inspired by techno, but is as far away from eurodisco as you could get. This is music for chilling out rather than dancing (although I hear they're great when performing live).

Apart from releasing about a zillion singles with remixes (too many to comfortably list here), they have made two full-length CDs: Polydistortion (1996) and This Is Normal (1999). Polydistortion is the better of the two.

Profoundly_Slack informs me that the song "Anthem" is featured in the soundtrack for the movie Pi. I wish I had a chance to see it...