Drunken Boxing, or Zui Quan is not really a system, but a style of southern Kung Fu. There are many forms, such as Drunken Monkey (based on the Monkey form), Eight Immortals (probably the most popular form), Five Drunken Animals (based on the Five Animals form) and various weapon forms, such as Drunken staff.

The basic principle behind the form is to exhaust, annoy and confuse the opponent with erratic and seemingly unstable movements (in short, the practitioner very much behaves like a drunk). The drunken boxer staggers and falls while at the same time releases powerful blows, and feigns defence while attacking at the same time. This of course requires a lot of alertness and coordination, but legend has it that the master who invented the form actually performed better after having a drink.

There are counters and attacks for all ranges and heights. The boxer mostly holds his hands in a cup-form and there are a lot of positions that looks like he's preparing for a toast.

The style was made popular in the west through movies like Drunken Master, Drunken Master 2 (both starring Jackie Chan) and Shaolin Temple (starring Jet Li).