"The Talk"

A reference to the conversation had between two (or more) partners in a relationship regarding the status of said relationship.

have no fear... this can be a Good Thing(tm).
but really, a little trepidation is normal as it seems "the talk" has equal probability to be bad.

such trepidation usually stems from the fact that surprise can play a (rather large) factor in the onslaught of "the talk."

or, the fear stems from one's unconscious realization that this relationship is doomed and that "the talk" is inevitable; regardless of how much one wants the status quo.

warning signs include:
o "We need to talk..."
o "You'd better sit down..."
o "It's not you, it's me..."
o "I just want to be friends..."
o you feeling really good about the relationship, all the while being completely oblivious/unresponsive to the other's feelings.
o you feeling like this relationship is doomed, all the while watching your partner be completely oblivious/unresponsive to your feelings.
o delta_age > 10+ years (ymmv)
o poor performance (valid in any context really)
o you can honestly say, "I use everything for advice on relationships."