Modern names that match the person's profession):

Bill Headline (Bureau Chief of Cable News Network)
David Law (lawyer)
Dr. Payne (anesthesiologist)
Dr. Apgar (obstetrician)
Dr. Needle(pediatrician)
Anna Udder (Lactation Consultant)
Wilma Mankiller (first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation - just an allegory)
Dr. Jeffrey Butcher orthopedic surgeon (thanks to Liveforever)
A. Bugg teaches programming (thanks to wertperch)
Dr. Gary Alter plastic surgeonspecializing in genital surgery (thanks to Etoile)
How to Avoid Huge Ships (book) by author John W. Trimmer
Greg Carloss (works for Motor Week)

These are all true.

Historically many names matched the occupation of the person. An example is Mr. Smith the blacksmith.

Liveforever says re name match profession: "Apgar" doesn't really apply, since the Apgar score is eponymously named for a Dr. Apgar ... Yes, but in my (momomom's)case the Dr. Apgar I know is not the one for whom the score was named, just an OB named Apgar.