We were just enjoying a lazy day, floating on our backs in the sun, when the current caught me. Panicked, I felt myself moving toward the rocks and the drop in the river as it passed over them. ā€œ*hi*ā€ I thought, this is really going to hurt. Seconds later Iā€™m at the bottom, no worse for the wear. Amazingly the rocks were smooth, the water path guided me between boulders like a slide at a kiddie pool!

I stand up and look around and see other people are doing this on purpose! More relieved that no one else knew I thought I was going to die than at still being alive, I walk back to the top and join the queue.

My Big Adventure Story for iceowl's quest!

This is a picture of the spot:
and also here (the adventure seeker and the kayak photos)
and a text description for kayakers (recommends portaging)
more lovely photos of others aspects of the Swallow Falls State Park:
I especially like the rock tower (just below the falls in the w/u) and Muddy Creek Falls (which is fun to sit under)and the staircase falls (fun to catch crawfish in)