Roasted vegetables can be an amazingly easy one pan dish, needing little attention while one attends to other things.

Grab veggies, heavy on the root types – one combination I like is this:

Cut the veggies into chunks, one or two bite sized. Place them in a large baking dish (one with sides). Pour on the seasonings and the oil. Toss with 2 forks.

Bake at a high temperature until the potatoes are fork temperature. Likely 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes. Do not cover and toss to recoat with oil once or twice during the backing time

The dish is not complicated and depends for flavor on the use of good ingredients. The high temperature caramelizes the sugars and adds a depth of flavor.

One pan, 2 forks, a cutting board and a knife … 15 minutes prep time, 45 minutes to cook - an oven or a fire … water to rinse the veggies, that's all one needs.

Serve with some roast beast, after some nice cream of celery soup.