book review:

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls" 1995 by Mary Pipher
(she also wrote Another Country)

Pipher maintains that adolescent girls submerge their true selves in order to fit in and in doing so fail to achieve their true potential. She gives strategies to minimize this phenomenon. Filled with interesting case histories this book is an easy and informative read.

Suitable for adults as well as adolescent girls and boys.

Parents, read it before your daughter is pre adolescent; don't wait. It's that good.

As the parent of a teenage girl with 2 older brothers I can attest to the truths Pipher speaks to. Unconditional love from all family members results in a secure young woman who can better tolerate the storms of youth.

One thing I really took to heart from this book is the importance of positive male (as well as female) role models in an adolescent girl's life. I encourage my husband and sons to do things and just be with my daughter as much as possible. They do and I truly believe as a result she doesn't NEED constant male attention from her peers. Don't get me wrong...she is "in love" with some "beautiful" boy every other week but she doesn't crave their attention. On the other hand, the young ladies I observe with little positive attention at home seem to need it desperately.