More public breastfeeding would go a long way to normalize our culture. Many modern women have never seen another woman breastfeed. If they have, the likelihood is it was just an infant. If we never see women breastfeeding, especially an older baby; is it any wonder that we are such a breast obsessed yet bottle feeding culture?

Mothers please...
Breastfeed at the mall,
Breastfeed at the game,
Breastfeed in the restaurant,

and the rest of us... let's give a thumbs up and a smile to the rare publicly breastfeeding mothers we see.

If, our culture makes it too hard to be openly supportive of a particular mother at least make sure you are not being part of the problem. This alone will make you part of the solution. Don't participate in breastfeeding put downs.

If you want to make a bigger difference here are some other ideas.

Make a positive comment when you have a chance (in your health or nutrition classes is one example) about the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers, babies, families and society. See this page for some ideas.

Make your business place friendly to the breastfeeding mother. See this page for some ideas.

Consider making this (or another breastfeeding positive photo) your screensaver. See this page.
It will certainly open a few eyes!

Make a contribution to a breastfeeding advocacy organization like La Leche League International.


Support positive breastfeeding legislation. See this page for legal information.

Participate in the Nestle boycott. See this page for more information.

Read, learn and breastfeed your own children. See