I"m just coming out of THE FOG. First my dad died after a long illness, then one of my best friends and colleagues died suddenly and unexpectedly from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I've discovered it is true; confusion and aimlessness (the fog) are a part of the grief process.

I'm feeling good again, despite missing them both. Exercise helps relieve stress for me; consequently I'm in better shape than ever. Today I built a compost pile after much raking of leaves, cutting of grass, walked miles and did my Yoga for Abs tape. Getting the house organized a bit helps too but it is just a chore that must be done, not a joy. I prefer to be outside. I'm almost, maybe actually, in a sort of manic phase - making up for lost time, etc.

We just went to the wedding of a young lady I first knew as a 34-week preemie. Wow!