I want to play hookey so bad today, but I'm off to work. I job share and it is my turn to help all the little lost possums find their way to their mom's boob.

My "baby" (13) is taking a mental health day today, a parentally approved day off from the stupidities of our public school system. I wish I could stay home too and do mom and daughter stuff. I'm looking forward to a 9 day road trip with just the 2 of us in a few weeks, yippee!

It is rainy and miserable and I don't even want to go outside.

At the very least, I'm going to be late and go out to breakfast with my daughter.

I thought we had fun, she thinks it was the trip from hell and will always shudder when she hears the word "Shenandoa" as in Shenandoa National Park where we went horse back riding, hiking and (I'll admit this part was lame) to a "music" thing featuring a very old singer turned politician who turned it into a political statement instead of a concert.

Stuff we both enjoyed:

  • the early, early morning search for bears which instead revealed 10,000 deer... I never thought I'd get so sick of deer.
  • the book on tape about hiking the Appalacian Trail even though it made me want to do it even more and confirmed her determination to never go near it again...
  • talks, time alone together (OK, mom liked these things best - daughter would have preferred the company of friends and liked her phone card best), our cute one room condo once we got to North Carolina...laughing about "Stanley" and people watching...