My co future Mother-In-Law (I need a name for this relationship!) was laid flat with a slipped disk then had surgery yesterday. Her daughter (my future Daughter-In-Law) and/or I stayed with her the whole time (a whooping 24 hours) she was in the hospital and now she has a friend who is a nurse to take care of her for a week. She was in terrible pain. She feels better now, after the surgery. I spent two days last week getting her to MRIs and X-rays and neurosurgeons. You need a keeper and an advocate when you are sick to negotiate our medical system. It used to be you would be admitted and get all these tests; now one has to bargain and maneuver just to get adequate pain medication and to have tests and surgery scheduled in a somewhat timely manner.

Today my husband cut his finger. We spent 5 hours in the emergency room for 4 stitches. Good thing there wasn’t any nerve or tendon damage. It should heal up with no problems.

Hospital time is over now family! Please, NO MORE problems this week.