A quiet day today, this is really much more normal for us. Although we are an intensive care unit, we rarely have patients die. For this I am grateful.

Forgot to go to the bank so I treated myself to Milk Duds (only had change but they are only $.70) and hospital coffee for lunch. Yum, any excuse for Milk Duds.

The premature triplets went to the breast in a pair then mom finished with #3 by herself. God, that was cute. The three somewhat sick but full term babies in the NICU all breastfed well. The currently smallest preemie is still quite unstable but hope is there. Mom continues to pump and has a good supply. The 16 year old mom is getting in to breastfeed, which is great news ++. The mother of twins quit pumping but she has had problems/issues from the beginning and this may truly be the best thing.

Our colleague’s daughter (victim of an accidental gunshot wound) is still in very serious but stable condition and out of Shock Trauma.

Our staffing continues to be low with another LC out with her own injury but so far we have kept MCU covered. Elaine is back in town for her son’s wedding!!!

We almost lost a mother. Pregnancy can be dangerous. She seems to recovering. She may not lactate due to her extreme blood loss and possible Sheehan's syndrome. She breastfed her previous children.

Dear daughter is at the beach for the week and Mysterious George is out to dinner with his buddies. I’m enjoying a quiet night alone.