Well, here I am in the hospital library researching pacemakers. My mom, who is in Maryland visiting from Florida, asks (over oatmeal) “Carla, do you think it matters that I keep feeling dizzy?”. I wonder, hmmmm, think it over about 5 minutes (that is about 4 and a half minutes too long) and remember she is on digoxin, coumadin and has atrial fibrillation. SO…..yeah mom, I think it matters and by the way we are going to the ER. We get there and push her through to triage where we find she has a heart rate of 37. I have since learned this is not in itself life threatening but very likely to make her fall, pass out while driving and generally make her feel VERY fatigued. No wonder she hasn’t been having much fun this vacation! Poor mom. She was admitted, we found a wonderful cardiologist and are in the midst of the evaluation that will most likely lead to insertion of a permanent pacemaker.

God, I love the Internet. I can get my questions answered and blow off steam to a group of people I don’t even know but have come to view as friends.

We are in my hospital (where I am employed), which does make all more tolerable. I can walk about to visit friends, go to the medical library, evaluate staffing and peak at the lab results. I’m not really supposed to do that but I am mom’s medical agent so I don’t feel like I’m truly breaking the spirit of the law, just the actual rule. Mom likes it too. She feels “special” because my co-workers drop in and say hi.

Well, back to the research. Thanks for listening.