My mom is recovering very well from her pacemaker insertion. She will return to Florida in 2 days.

This has been at the same time stressful, good/bad, full of strange role reversals, even at times fun.

I am grateful that it happened while Mom was here on “vacation”. I’m glad I’m a nurse. I’m glad I recognized the problem in time. I’m glad we have medical care. I’m glad I still have my mom.

Hopkins was great, really good care there. Dr. Hugh Calkins is the man to see if you have cardiac arrhythmias.

I think this has needed to be done for some time now and mom was just feeling more and more fatigued but was just hiding it. My dear departed mother-in-law actually went blind from cataracts before she would admit she needed surgery. Why do people do that?

I wonder what I’ll be doing when I’m 76. What kind of nutty stuff will I put my kids through? The saying is “payback is hell”.