On several recent occasions in the UK, eggplants (known there as aubergines) have been found to contain what are claimed to be miraculous messages when cut open. These messages are formed by the patterns of the black seeds which run in meandering lines through the white inner flesh of the vegetable. The following are just a few examples of this phenomenon.

In Bolton in 1996, Mrs. Ruksana Patel foresaw a miracle in a dream after buying an eggplant from a local shop. Sure enough, upon slicing the vegetable in half, she found that the seeds formed the Muslim symbol "Ya-Allah" (Allah exists). The Patels received around 50 visitors every day wishing to witness the miraculous veggie, which was later displayed in the local Mosque where it remained for several weeks, after which time it was divided into small pieces and shared among the faithful. (1)

In Hackney, north London in 1997, Mr. Sidat, fruit and vegetable wholesaler and chairman of the local Mosque, sliced open an eggplant and found the word 'Allah' in Arabic script spelt out in the seeds. The elders at his Mosque proclaimed it to be a good omen. Like the Patels, the Sidats received a steady stream of visitors, and eventually cut up the vegetable to share with family and friends. (2)

In Bradford during the same year, simultaneous eggplant miracles occurred. Mrs. Parmar, while slicing eggplants to make curry, discovered the Hindu symbol for God written on every slice, while at the same time Mr. and Mrs. Mistry sliced an eggplant open to discover the sacred symbol "OM" written in seeds. Both of these examples ended up in Hindu temples. Hundreds of worshippers flocked to see Mrs. Parmar's almost-dinner, while Mrs. Mistry. was reported to be struck by the fact that she had decided to chop the eggplant horizontally instead of using her normal vertical method. "I don't know why I changed," she said. "If I hadn't, the sign would have been lost for ever." (3)

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