Air quality, UV index and humidity aside,

the entire state of New Jersey was irritable

despite fans and air conditioning

most of May and barely half of June.

Rain coming down sideways

or in sporadic deluges, causing gutters

to gasp spouting rainwater like gargoyles,

cats discontented, cars honking and

windshield wipers ineffective.

At some point my husband began noticing clouds

and he seems so delighted by them,

today proclaiming one to be the most beautiful

he had ever seen his entire life;

I laughed as if all was normal.

He looked past me as I said, "I think it's the drugs

you're taking," and he replied, "Probably."

Suddenly, the sky seemed so blue and perfect

and for a brief moment the world stopped revolving.

The winds, light and varible, lifted my loose hair

gently concealing, drying my tears of sad joy.