You've got a warm heart
You've got a beautiful brain but
It's disintegrating...

When you met me, I hid behind tinted glasses

that I still have, over-sized and

probably back in fashion.

You remember I kept them on during lunch

in a dark restaurant, when I met you.

When you met me, I painted my fingernails

and wore make-up, although my clothes were

simple, streaked with dried clay or

my daughter's small, fading, fingerpainted handprints.

You've got a soft heart that

is slowing down says the doctor.

We didn't know our marriage

would be so unpredictable;

when you met me, when I met you.

We've had our share of both amazing and awful times,

but now is different.

I tell you it's the disease or the medicine

and you trust me, falling asleep for the night after

watching Dora the Explorer, after happily eating

a Klondike bar, your clothes on, above the comforter.

In silence, I sobbed, seeing the holes

in the heel of one of your brown socks.

lyrics Daughter 168