I was born in 1953, so I guess I qualify as a Baby Boomer. Lest we forget, the Greatest Generation not only went through the Depression years, but lived and fought in World War II, many coming back from military service to marry and have children. Birth control in those days wasn't as sophisticated as it is today. Let's see, who do we have to thank for that?

I was also born "white", not much I could do to influence that. What did change with my generation was civil rights and the blending of America, in terms of inter-racial marriages as well as the increase in better opportunities for women. I was raised to respect all people irregardless of their skin color and I have passed that belief onto my children. I have also passed on the importance of getting an education, working hard for what you want, having a dream, and most importantly being respectful of the elderly or lending a hand to those down on their luck.

I am not disputing that some Baby Boomers may have less than stellar attitudes or that certain events happened on our watch, but to paint an entire generation with a broad, highly opinionated, and negative paintbrush does a disservice not only to our Greatest Generation parents who raised us, but to those of us who tried to maintain and pass along similar values in a changing society and world.

In other words, my generation did the best it could, given what we were handed down. It remains to be seen whether this next generation can say as much.