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After [Circuitous[by Webster 1913]|exhaustive] online research, I found the following information: factoid was [Never coin a phrase if you can help it|minted] by Norman the Mailer in his 1937 or 1973 [Marilyn Monroe] biography. Since facts have later come to light about her unfortunate connections with certain men of some importance, I think Mailer's account was probably [I'm sorry, but we can't watch the rest of MacBeth until it is censored|censored] by the government. Not saying it was right or wrong of the Land That I Love, just that it probably happened.

William [The Portrayal of Bill Clinton in "The Onion"|the] Safire, whose wonderful "On Language" essays in The New Yorker magazine were so witty and perfect, I once decoupaged one wall in my bathroom with my favorites to re-read, or [Xerox|xeroxed] them and mailed them to friends, not knowing the man would be so prolific.

[Friends] called me on the phone begging me to stop; they didn't want to end up getting wire-tapped, due to his [factual writeup|controversial ideas]. Or they mailed the articles back, unopened. I just kept scissoring and pasting his essays up, heck, it was my bathroom, then one hallway, then the living room. Cheaper than paint or conventional wall paper.

I admired Safire for many reasons and still do today, in small part because he eschewed factoid in favor of factlet. Note: neither word appears in my very own 1985 Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, between fact of life and [number theory[by abiessu]|factor].

The ever reliable online Merriam Webster gives the following [Sugar packet history factoids|definition of factoid for kids]: 1) a made-up piece of information thought to be [Tom Selleck|true] due to its appearance in print, 2) a brief often trivial news item.

Then came the useful rhymes with [factoid] list for those among us who are ambivelent regarding when to rhyme: [Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?|android], avoid, chancroid, colloid, conoid, [crinoid], cuboid, cycloid, [deltoid], dendroid, devoid, [discoid], fibroid, fungoid, ganoid, globoid, hydroid, [hypocycloid], hypnoid, keloid, mastoid, mucoid, ovoid, prismoid, pygmoid, polymoid, rhizoid, [rhomboid], schizoid, scombroid, sigmoid, spheroid, steroid, styloid, [tabloid], terrazoid, thalloid, thyroid, [toroid], toxoid, trochoid, [typhoid], Veddoid, viroid.

Going back to my trusty 1985 Webster's, I got lost looking for more words to rhyme with factoid, forgetting my reason was [suffix|to look up the suffix],--oid, which clarifies correct usage: 1) noun suffix: something resembling a (specified) object or having a (specified) quality as in globoid and 2) adjective suffix: resembling: having the form or appearance of [Paradroid|as in petaloid].

Now I know there are many sites, but remember, in my thorough reading, shockingly, no search results were found on [October 25, 2005[by BookReader]|WolframMathWorld]; yet WebMD uses factoid sparingly. Also bear in mind, this IS the internet. And I'm still trying to get into [LieQuest 2013].

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