(last year's Christmas letter, found while cleaning)

Three days until Christmas and
all I really want is intangible,
instant magic, heart to heart
like the remains of warmth,
the embers of last night's
fire in the wood stove.

Some small gesture of love
to cling to
so I can magnify it
in my heart
and give it back
with the same stupid
reckless abandon
I've always had.

I'm thinking of Jesus
what would he do?
To the best of my recollection,
according to Bible accounts,
he never gave brightly
wrapped and ribboned gifts
or gift cards
or candy canes
or even a dreidel,
just words, parables, and actions.

According to NASA's
lunar eclipse 2010 website,
the celestial event
which coincided with the winter solstice
will not happen again
for 456 years.

Stumbling upon another website,
even cigarette smoking, Atlantic City gamblers
walked away from the slot machines

to witness the lunar eclipse.

Jesus probably would have liked that,
unpredictable guy that he was.
Jesus probably would have laughed,
made some Jewish joke in Aramaic
or written something temporary
in the sands of New Jersey.