Despite the date on my homepage which indicates I've been on E2 for 3.5 years, in reality I wrote maybe three things, then had my universe shattered and had to deal with the real life repercussions of that. Fast forward to sometime this year the end of September, when I started writing again after running into a former professor and poet of some standing, Gerald Stern. I had become a little more computer competent in the meantime, and a little more attuned to the format and atmosphere of E2. It was amusing and disconcerting to see such strong and sometimes wildly inaccurate guesses as to who this moeyz is. Between the chatterbox and, I felt mixed about how I was coming across.

My real life way of communicating is storytelling, real things that happen to me from my perspective, which at times may seem odd, but is generally entertaining. Or so that is how family, friends, relatives, and strangers have reacted. After a while, I began getting mostly friendly or helpful responses to my writing here. As I have explained in the method to my madness, I would rather abstain from downvoting and at times, I message other writers if I see a typo or some misspelled word. That's one of the largest lessons I've learned so far, for myself, to look past misspellings and typos to the content of what the person is saying.

When I upvote, which is 95% of the time, I like to include a positive comment. Maybe I'm becoming my mother. I have my complaints about the site. I often don't feel like I really fit in here. I certainly don't think or write in a linear way, at times I wish I did. The numbers of writeups, the number of hits, the number of upvotes and downvotes, even the number of C!s don't register in my brain as much as the words from others.

Yesterday I felt sad about this place because I had two writeups deleted rather summarily. Yesterday I felt sad because I don't want to leave here, because I want this place to be better, because running away and changing your name doesn't solve problems. I should know, I did it three times in real life.