the days are getting shorter... the nights are getting cooler, and longer.

Every day this week I have dashed home from work, slipped into my fancy overalls (complete with reflective scripts, thankyouverymuch), and crawled under the car (the MG). Only to emerge covered in grease, feeling sorta macho, new shocks, starter motor, cut hands, scrapes later.

The car smells like an army surplus store, that scent of oil and canvas. And it sounds like a tractor, but it goes like a rocket. I am compelled to drive it like a bat out of hell..

So I am moving upstairs, "into the big house". after successfully negiotating to shut my neighors up, I found myself taking over. Now I have to sit and listen to them move out. I need to get away... It's weird... they know... but they are assholes, so the hell with them.

I became obsessed with seeing a monster truck show recently.. But now they are only occuring in places like iowa. the extreme motorcycle show is at the tacoma dome, but it's not the same thing. I want to see fuel guzzling red-necks, dammit.