Stumbled out of bed this morning to continue my obsessive work on my project MGB. After spending a good portion of yesterday crouched inside the trunk grinding, nay, ploughing away rust and oil sodden carpet scraps, today I arose early to seal the area in bright red Rustoleum. I painted the jack, which is this curious thing that looks like this:

| |
O | |
| | \
| | |\ \
|_| | \ \
| | \ \
_|_|_ \_\

.. which is called, for some reason "King Dick". It says so right on it (etched in, along with "made in U.K") I painted it red.

I finally broke free of fiddle mode, and went up to Ballard to search for halloween costumes. Wacky Willys has a lot of shit, but not the right kind of shit. though I was tempted to pick up some small robot stuff. But it's hard to go as a robot, because once you have done the box thing, you have to move on, and it gets tough.

I then went to a strange fabric store, full of women. I walked around, feeling like I was infiltrating some form of slightly sacred female craft place. "Where is the fake fur?" ask I. "Animal pattern or solid?" the bright eyed old woman said, staring right at me. They have a whole wall of fake fur, I look at red for a while then settle on the black.

So I bought a yard of black furry fake skin. Guess what I am going to be: I already have some antenna, I program computers, I do a lot of testing of my code..nono, not a gorilla... nor a thousand chimpanzees (which is a great idea, actually)

After that I headed down to the empty but supposedly fun building that is my office. Sat there for 4 hours drinking Red Bull and moving smaller and smaller pieces of code around.

Came home and descended on 4 hapless coathangers with paper mache in mind. this stuff is tougher than I remembered. now there are 10 competing glue recipes. I started with the "elmers and water, 1 to 1", but ran out, so moved onto the "1 cup flour to 2 cups water", which is great, if a little chunky.

Now noding, because everything is rushing along, and I need to quickly put a stake in the mud.