Black as the night sky, because kids, that's closer to the natural color of the phosphors, right? Seeing somebody's desktop that is some nutty kind of leaf pattern, or kitties, or a picture of their kids, I am like "How in hell can you stand looking at that every day"? I can barely stand looking at bright desktops. The only thing worse is that default windows desktop. god. why not have more obvious product placement. With a black background, everything else is nice and crisp. For variety add a planet or asteroid (the new one that NASA is currently orbiting is a good one).

In addition, in this age of flying toasters and other pointless "screen savers", we have fogotten the UNIX roots of things like XEarth and XMoon. Desktop savers. Which look best when sitting on a nice black background.

My desktop is black, and I am more productive and have a better time than you.

stride: My desktop is love itself, gender issues aside. But since I am on a mac and have 3 screens, I will dedicate one to sweet lesbian love to compare/contrast.