Woke up after yet another night of insomnia. What is with this 2 am awakening? I blame the bastards upstairs, except they aren't really bastards (one girl..), and they are probably just like me. They like the same music, anyway, much to my dismay. it would be easier to snarl at them if they did not like Magnetic Fields and Joy Division. bastards.

so after many hours of looking at the cat, dawn came, and I realized that I had slept, as I was forced to awaken. groggy hell, I wandered out to the espresso maker, fired up a batch reminded myself not to spill it between the maker and the fridge (where it is cut with milk to make it chugable). what happens? Spill the whole thing. steaming espresso everywhere. ignored it (groggy, remember?) made another batch. bugger.

hopped on the vespa and shot downtown. that woke me up. parked, went into the hotel and waited for bossPrime to get done with bossSubprime. greeted them warmly, hinted at a immediate need for more coffee. got a new task dumped on me. Walked down to the ferry, got more coffee, fabricated a plan, blazed home. Nice sunny seattle scooter weather.

Massaged document all day, whereupon I had another request to meet downtown, so off I went. looking at new logo ideas, and since I am a programer nerd, not a graphic nerd (except vicariously), I found it odd to be invited. somebody is obviously kissing my ass. who? why?

Turned back around, bolted home Printed document? 10 pages of specification changes. Thought about beer. Now heading back downtown yet again to stall and evolve the dwindling portion of my weekend. Somebody should come visit me, I need the excuse.